Presenting rediscovered 18th century symphonic masterworks for the first time in modern print, Murphy makes available a series of seminal early symphonic works - repertoire critical for developing a full understanding of classical style and the medium of the classical orchestra.

Painstakingly reconstructed from manuscripts and 18th century printed performing material, Murphy's scholarly and practical performing editions provide a fascinating view of the foundation of the symphony and symphony orchestra in mid-18th century northern Europe, including works by Mannheim masters J. Stamitz and F.X. Richter.

Featuring pioneering, landmark early symphonic works, the editions explore the symphonic languages of the mid-18th century, featuring symphonies by influential, highly individual musical figures including J. Stamitz, F.X. Richter, I. Holzbauer, J. Schmitt "The Dutch Haydn", F. Schwindl, C. Stamitz, D. Cimarosa, P. Wranitzky, B. Romberg and F. Zappa. 

Performance material (scores and parts) is available for hire through Albersen Music

Popular works in the series include: 

J. Stamitz String Symphonies in D, F and A 
J. Schmitt "The Dutch Haydn" Symphony in E flat major "Hurdy Gurdy" 
F. Schwindl Symphony in D major 
C.E. Graaf Symphony in D major 
C. Stamitz Symphony in C major 
F. Zappa Symphony in B flat major "Cello Symphony" 

Recordings of these works are available on PentaTone Classics performed by Simon Murphy and The New Dutch Academy.