Guest Conducting

Guest Conducting Projects

Simon Murphy has established an international reputation for his engaging, energising and invigorating approach to conducting and orchestral leadership. Working with with both specialist baroque and modern symphony orchestras, Murphy has earned significant praise for his finely honed skills as an ensemble builder and for creating fresh new insights into established and newly rediscovered repertoire. 

As a guest conductor, Murphy achieves immediate results from a highly effective working style that also contributes to strategic, long term ensemble development. He gives classic instrumental, vocal, symphonic and operatic repertoire a complete makeover - the orchestra receives a thorough musical workout, leaving the musicians as well as their audience inspired and enriched. 

A world authority on the early classical symphony with numerous first recordings to his name, Murphy is responsible for pioneering work, rediscovering, performing and recording seminal, visionary symphonic repertoire. Nicknamed the "repertoire refresher", his conducting projects present the symphonies of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and Mendelssohn in a whole new light. In addition, the introduction of newly rediscovered 18th and 19th century orchestral masterworks by these composers' esteemed contemporaries further invigorates orchestras and audiences.  

Murphy unravels the secrets of the 18th and 19th century orchestra through enhanced articulation and sound production. By moulding and transforming the modern orchestral palette, he delivers the works of Bach, Handel, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Mendelssohn and their contemporaries in a highly dynamic and compelling soundscape. 

Murphy is experienced in conducting both assigned programmes - Bach B Minor Mass, Mozart and Beethoven Symphonies etc - and also offers a series of hand-tailored, imaginative and innovative programming solutions.  

Hand-tailored Concert Programmes 

Featuring appealing titles such as Black MagicIt's About TimeRoman Holiday and Ein Heldenleben, Simon Murphy's hand-tailored concert programmes (both one-offs and series) deliver fresh views on standard repertoire and present brand new musical discoveries designed to refresh, excite and educate both musicians and audiences alike.  

The repertoire of each programme has been purposely selected to provide the best material for Murphy to develop the knowledge and skills of the musicians and to produce the most effective results together with the musicians in the areas of musical language and style, historically informed interpretation, sound production, colour, articulation and expression.

In developing these programmes, Murphy has worked with many leading, new generation, international soloists, including singers, instrumentalists and dancers, and would be delighted to recommend these artists as part of a guest-conducting partnership package. 

Unique Advantages 

Compelling programmes, ready-to-go scores, skills development and ensemble building, inspiring rehearsal technique and energising performances are some of the many distinguishing advantages of Murphy's guest-conducting projects. Some of these further include: 

- fully marked-up scores and parts of standard repertoire (Murphy is himself a string player) 

- fully marked-up performing editions of lesser known works (modern editions by Murphy are available for hire via Albersen Music) 

- dynamic performances and state-of-the-art interpretations incorporating the latest discoveries in performance practice and repertoire

- innovative, hand-crafted programmes with appealing, intriguing and highly marketable titles and content

- ready-to-go full programme details, comprehensive programme notes and visual material (all digitally available)

- ready-to-go marketing tools such as video clips and high quality audio recordings of live performances of the programmes (available in HD, stereo and surround sound)

- the option of including pre-prepared, new generation soloists for the programmes


For further information, inquiries and bookings please send an email using the contact page or call direct on + 31 614 975 395. 

Full sample programmes, with full work listings in programme order, are available as part of discussions leading up to guest conducting engagements. 

Programmes and Programme Concepts © Simon Murphy, 2013.