Guest Conducting Programmes

Offering fresh and engaging views on orchestral classics such as the symphonies, concertos and overtures of Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven, interwoven with music by their esteemed 18th and early 19th century colleagues, Simon Murphy's invigorating, hand-tailored, guest-conducting programmes and productions include the following. 

Staged concert productions, including Gothic Stories and Once Upon a Time ... , feature arias and spoken word accompanying a selection of powerful orchestral works together with an international/locally known actress in the role of presenter/storyteller. Ready-to-go stage productions include the Baroque "Burlesque" show Mrs Cornelys' Entertainments. Symphonic concert programmes include: 

JET SET! Classical Glitterati 
(double role of conductor and viola soloist) 
C.F. Zelter Viola Concerto in E flat  
Symphonies and Overtures by J. Stamitz, C.F. Abel, J.F. Reichardt, J. Schmitt "The Dutch Haydn" and G. Paisiello

Grand Tour - Baroque Road Trip 
(directing from the viola/viola soloist, and potential co-production with NDA with NDA members as other featured guests/soloists) 
G.P. Telemann Viola Concerto in G (as soloist)
A. Vivaldi Lute Concerto in D 
A. Vivaldi Flautino Concerto in C (RV 443) 
G. F. Handel Arias “Tornami a vagheggiar”and “Brilla nell'alma” 
U. van Wassenaer Concerto Armonico no. 1 in G 
Other arias and instrumental music by Bach, Handel and contemporaries

G. Rossini Overture to "La Cenerentola" ("Cinderella")
J. Haydn Symphony no. 101 in D "Die Uhr" ("The Clock")
W.A. Mozart Susanna’s Aria "Deh vieni, non tardar" from "Le Nozze di Figaro"
G. Rossini Fiorilla’s Aria "Non si dà follia maggiore" from "Il Turco in Italia"
G. Paisiello Cavatina "Il mio ben" from "Nina"
W.A. Mozart Concert Aria "Nehmt meinen Dank"
G. Rossini Giulia’s Aria "Il mio ben sospiro e chiamo" from "La Scala di Seta"
W.A. Mozart Overture to "Le Nozze di Figaro"
G. Rossini Overture to "Il barbiere di Siviglia" ("The Barber of Seville")

J. Haydn Symphony no. 83 in g/G "La Poule" ("The Hen")
W.A. Mozart Piano Concerto KV 467 "Elvira Madigan" / Selected Arias
J. Schmitt "Symphony Pastoral" in c/C
F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Symphony no. 4 in A, Op. 90 "Italian" 

A. Corelli Concerti Grossi 
G.F. Handel "The Water Music" (complete) 
W. de Fesch Concerto Grosso in E flat 
B. Marcello/A. Vivaldi Oboe Concerto 
Selected Handel (Bravura) Arias 

C.M. von Weber Overture to "Der Freischütz"
W.A. Mozart Overture to "Die Zauberflöte"
H. Marschner Overture to "Der Vampyr"
Arias by J.F. Reichardt, W,A, Mozart, C.M. von Weber and A. Lortzing
L. Spohr Overture to "Faust" 
F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Piano Concerto no. 1 in G minor / 
F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy selections from "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
C.M. von Weber Overture to "Oberon"

Symphonies by F.X. Richter/J. Stamitz, C.F. Abel and J. Schmitt "The Dutch Haydn"
W.A. Mozart Arias "Ah, t'invola agl'occhi miei", "Vorrei spiegarvi, oh Dio", 
"Parto, ma tu ben mio" from "Clemenza di Tito" 
J.C. Bach Aria "Semplicetto, ancor non sai" from "Endimione" 
G. Paisiello Aria "Nel cor più non mi sento" from "La Molinara" 
D. Cimarosa Overture to "Il Matrimonio Segretto" 
W.A. Mozart Symphony no 31 "Paris"/no 35 "Haffner"/no 38 "Prague"

Ein Heldenleben 
B. Romberg Overture to "Ulysses"
L. van Beethoven Symphony no. 3 "Eroica" 
D. Cimarosa Overture to "Alessandro nell'Indie"
W.A. Mozart Overture to "Don Giovanni" 
(Anti-)Hero/ine arias by Mozart and Rossini 

F. Mendelsson-Bartholdy Symphony no. 3 in A minor "Scottish" 
F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Overture "Fingal's Cave" 
N. Gade "Echoes of Ossian"
F.W. Rust Colma's Klage (Melodrama by/from Ossian/Macpherson/Goethe) 
J.F. Reichardt "Letztes Lied des Harfenspielers"
J.L. Dussek "Within a Mile from Edinburgh"
S. Pavesi Overture "Fingallo e Comala"

Bohemian Rhapsody 
W.A. Mozart Symphony no. 38 "Prague" 
J.B. Vanhal Double Bass Concerto / 
W.A. Mozart Bohemian Concert/Opera Arias 
P. Wranitzky Overture to "Oberon" / 
W.A. Mozart Overture "Don Giovanni"
L. van Beethoven Symphony no. 2

Mannheim - Composer's Paradise / Birth of the Symphony
J. Stamitz Symphony in D 
W.A. Mozart Oboe Concerto 
W.A. Mozart Mannheim arias
I. Holzbauer Overture to "Gunther von Schwarzburg" 
A. Filz Symphony in A 

Bach and his Contemporaries (directing from the viola) 
J.S. Bach Selected Arias 
G.P. Telemann Viola Concerto in G (as soloist) 
J.S. Bach Orchestral Suite no. 2 / 
A. Vivaldi Oboe Concerto and Sopranino Recorder Concerto 

All the King's Men / Contemporaries of Beethoven / Beethoven Circle
L. van Beethoven Piano Concerto no. 5 "Emperor"
A. Wranitzky Overture to "Oberon"
B. Romberg Overture to "Ulysses" 
C. Czerny Symphony no. 2 in D, Op. 78 

Sound the Trumpet
L. Spohr Symphony no. 2 in D minor
J.N. Hummel Trumpet Concerto in E
L. van Beethoven Symphony no. 1 in C

Complete Late Mozart Symphonies 
W.A. Mozart Symphonies no's 39, 40 and 41 "Jupiter"

The Seasons
A. Lortzing Overture to "Der Wildschütz" ("The Call of Nature") 
L. Spohr Symfonie no. 9 Op. 143 in b "Die Jahreszeiten" ("The Seasons")
J. Schmitt "Symphony Pastorale"
J. Haydn Arias from "The Seasons"
G. Rossini Overture "La Gazza Ladra"

Complete Early Beethoven Symphonies 
L. van Beethoven Symphonies 1, 2 and 3 "Eroica" 

Music for Mrs Cornelys' Entertainments 
C.F. Abel Symphonies in C and E flat, Op. 14
J.C. Fischer Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra in C 
Arias by J.C. Bach and G. Tenducci 
W. Boyce Symphony in A 
Ballet scenes with music by J.C. Bach, K. Ditters von Dittersdorf, W. Boyce and C.F. Abel 

New Generation 
J. Stamitz Symphony in D 
C.P.E. Bach Symphony in D 
J.F. Reichardt Symphony in G 
C.F. Abel Symphony in C 
J. Schmitt "The Dutch Haydn" Symphony in E flat "Hurdy Gurdy"
C.E. Graaf Symphony in D 
D. Cimarosa Overture to "Il Matrimonio Segretto" 
J.C. Bach Overture to "Themistocles" 

A Night at the Opera 
D. Cimarosa Overture to "Il Matrimonio Segretto" 
G. Rossini Overtures to "La Scala di Seta" and "Il Signor Bruschino" 
G. Paisiello Aria "Nel cor più non mi sento" from "La Molinara" („Die schöne Müllerin“)
Arias by D. Cimarosa, W.A. Mozart and G. Rossini 
F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Symphony no. 4 in A "Italian" 

A Night at the Opera (II) 
G. Rossini Overture to "La Cenerentola" ("Cinderella") 
A. Lortzing Overtures to "Hans Sachs" and "Der Wildschütz"
C.M. von Weber Overture to "Oberon" / "Der Freischütz" 
Arias by D. Cimarosa, G. Paisiello, W.A. Mozart, G. Rossini and A. Lortzing 
N. Gade Overture to "Hamlet"
G. Rossini Overture to "Il barbiere di Siviglia" ("The Barber of Seville")

Roman Holiday (II)
F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Symphony no. 4 in A "Italian" 
G. Paisiello Arias from "La Molinara" („Die schöne Müllerin“)
Other rustic/holiday/travel themed arias by Rossini, Cimarosa, Mozart and Paisiello

Romantic Storm 
L. van Beethoven Overture "Coriolan" 
F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Violin Concerto in E minor / R. Schumann Cello Concerto in A minor
R. Schumann Symphony no. 4 in D minor 

Other concert programmes include "Round Midnight", "French Kiss" and "Pleasure Gardens". 
Series of symphonic programmes include composer portraits (for example of Mozart, Haydn or Beethoven) and celebrations of the glittering, later 18th century European musical capitals including Amsterdam, Paris, London, Naples, Madrid, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden and St Petersburg. 

Fully-staged co-productions of "mini", highly transportable operas such as Rossini's early compact operatic masterpiece "Il Signor Bruschino", Dittersdorf's classics "Doktor und Apotheker" and "Little Red Riding Hood", and Arne/Abel/et al's "Love in a Village" are in preparation. 


Full sample programmes, with full work listings in programme order, are available as part of discussions leading up to guest conducting engagements. 

Each programme features the option of:  

- fully marked-up scores and parts of the lesser known works featured in the programmes in new editions by Simon Murphy (for hire through Albersen Music)

- fully marked-up standard repertoire performance material (by Simon Murphy)

- comprehensive programme notes with extensive visual material (all available digitally) 

- ready to go high quality press photos, video clips and audio recordings of relevant live performances (HD, stereo and surround) for promotional purposes

For further information, inquiries and bookings please send an email using the contact page or call direct on + 31 614 975 395. 

Programmes and Programme Concepts © Simon Murphy, 2013.