New Album Tour

The new album from conductor and Baroque violist Simon Murphy and his award-winning Baroque orchestra from The Hague, The New Dutch Academy (NDA), is a celebration of the variety, vibrancy and vitality of the Baroque. 

With GRAND TOUR Baroque Road Trip, Murphy takes audiences on an exciting musical journey across Baroque Europe, meeting legendary musical personalities in the glittering musical centres of the time - from Bach in Leipzig to Handel in London, from Vivaldi in Venice to Van Wassenaer in The Hague. 

The album launch in Amsterdam's The Concertgebouw on 3 September (matinee) 2017 was an all-round success. Murphy and the orchestra will continue to tour the album throughout Europe and around the world in the coming years. 

Technical tour information: see below. 

Album highlights include Murphy performing Telemann's classic Viola Concerto in G, Swedish lute virtuoso Karl Nyhlin in Vivaldi's sparkling Lute Concerto in D and German recorder star Elisabeth Champollion in Vivaldi's dazzling Flautino Concerto in C. Greek mega-diva, soprano Myrsini Margariti, sings a selection of Handel bravura coloratura arias including the spectacular “Brilla nell'alma”. 

The disc is Murphy and the NDA's 6th album for Dutch quality label PENTATONE following the group's "legendary" Corelli Concerti Grossi disc, the Edison Award-winning explorations of the Mannheimer Schule symphonists, and the critically acclaimed world premiere recordings of composers from the Dutch Symphonic School including Graaf, Zappa and Joseph Schmitt a.k.a. "The Dutch Haydn".

On tour, Murphy and the NDA have earned a reputation for delivering compelling, dynamic and engaging live concert performances. They have appeared together at the Bachfest Leipzig, Handel Festspiele Halle, Holland Festival of Early Music Utrecht, Istanbul Music Festival, Hong Kong's Premiere Performances, the Sydney Festival, and at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Reviews include: 

"Murphy is a musician with "guts": a conductor with the passion and conviction of a born missionary. De Volkskrant, NL 

"Breathtaking. Compelling, technically brilliant and unusually effervescent! Murphy has it all - verve and pulsating temperament - presented with the finest finesse." Concerto, D

"Daring and full of character" Haagsche Courant, NL 

"Sumptuous, vibrant, energetic and wonderfully secure playing"
Gramophone, UK

"Verve and vitality" General-Anzeiger, D

"Vibrant and energising" Toccata, D

"Best of both worlds" BBC Music Magazine, UK

"18th century Rock 'n roll" Luister, NL

Tour Technical Information

Ensemble: The New Dutch Academy (The Hague's Baroque orchestra), directed by Simon Murphy, performing on authentic instruments.  
Size/Instrumentation: The size of the touring ensemble for this programme is between 14 and 17 musicians (with lute/Baroque guitar, with/without harpsichord), and is most suitable for intimate to mid-size concert venues of between 200 and 1,100 seats. A second, more intimate, chamber version of the programme is available with 7 or 8 musicians - string quintet, lute/Baroque guitar, recorder and singer (with/out harpsichord) - for very compact touring, smaller venues and outreach activities. 
Programme: The album tour concert programme involves a selection of the works featured on the CD:  

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 – 1767)
Concerto in G for Viola, Strings and Basso Continuo
Simon Murphy, Baroque Viola 

Antonio Vivaldi (1678 – 1741)
Concerto in D for Lute, Strings and Basso Continuo
Karl Nyhlin, Gallichon

Antonio Vivaldi (1678 – 1741)
Concerto in C for Flautino, Strings and Basso Continuo, RV 443
Elisabeth Champollion, Sopranino Recorder

George Frederick Handel (1685 – 1759)
Aria “Tornami a vagheggiar”and “Brilla nell'alma” 
Myrsini Margariti, Soprano 

Unico van Wassenaer (1692 – 1766)
Concerto Armonico no. 1 in G 

supplemented by other arias and instrumental works by Bach, Handel and their contemporaries depending on the exact, required programme length. 

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Photos by Fernando van Teijlingen. Photo post-production by Crisja Ran
Album trailer, promo video and music video clips by René Louter available from May 2017
Title, Programme and Concept © Simon Murphy 2016