Once Upon A Time ...

Guest Conducting Concert Production Details

Intertwining powerful symphonic works with arias and spoken word, Murphy's newest, innovative guest-conducting concert production, Once Upon a Time ... , explores the richly imaginative worlds of Grimm, Andersen and E.T.A. Hoffmann. Together with captivating music by Mozart, Dittersdorf, Salieri, Rossini, Lortzing and Wagner, the production features a soprano as soloist, and an (internationally or locally known) actress in the role of storyteller. 

The production is currently available in either English or German, with the potential for further development into other languages. Alternate production title: Happily Ever After

Delivering attractive and highly distinctive additions to orchestras' concert season programming and festivals, Murphy's guest-conducting projects aim to enrich programming, enhance performance and engage audiences, offering orchestras fresh repertoire, an imaginative musical approach and compelling performance results – appealing to musicians, management and audience members alike. 

Alongside the necessary performance and project material (see below), an additional set of PR/promotional strategies are included in this particular production package (including links into the areas of youth, education and hospitality). 

The production Once Upon a Time ... complements Murphy's growing series of successful, hand-tailored, guest-conducting concert programmes. Other titles available include Gothic Stories, Black Magic and Great Scot, It's About Time and Heaven on Earth, as well as the Baroque burlesque show The Empress of Pleasure

Relevant Videos

Watch conductor Simon Murphy perform Rust/Macpherson/Ossian/Goethe Colma's Klage 

Production Details and Programme 

J.F. Reichardt Overture to Hänschen und Gretchen (Hansel and Gretel)
K. von Dittersdorf Overture to Das rote Käppchen (Little Red Riding Hood)
A. Lortzing Overture (and Undine's Aria from) Undine (The Little Mermaid)
G. Rossini Overture to La Cenerentola (Cinderella)
A. Salieri Overture to Der Rauchfangkehrer (The Chimney Sweep)
H. Marschner Hans Heiling / Der Templer und die Jüdin (Ivanhoe/Robin Hood) 
C.M. von Weber Overture to Oberon / F. Mendelssohn Overture from A Midsummer Night's Dream / R. Wagner Overture to Die Feen (The Fairies)
F. Neubauer Symphony in E flat (1st and 2nd movements) 
Magical/Fairytale Arias by Mozart, Salieri, Dittersdorf, Weber and Lortzing 
Spoken Word/Recitation/Declamation with/on texts by Brothers Grimm, Andersen, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Apel and Laun 

Package Details 

Each of Simon Murphy's guest conducting packages features completely marked-up orchestral performance material (scores and parts), necessary planning information, a selection of audio/visual promotional material, complete vocal texts and programme notes. 

Further programme information and enquiries: info@simonmurphyconductor.com 

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