"Murphy has a talent for invigorating the repertoire with energy and conviction. On this new release, he takes listeners on an opulent Baroque roadtrip through 18th-century Europe. An excellent introduction to the era, Murphy highlights the technical intricacies of the Baroque and the pure joy of the music." 5 Stars
Limelight, Australia
Repertoire Refresher
"The repertoire-refresher, conductor Simon Murphy radiates joie de vivre. His interpretation distinguishes itself by its enthusiasm and his approach possesses a classic élan, displaying delicate sensitivity" 5 Stars
Diapason, France
A Musician with "Guts"
"Murphy is a musician with "guts": a conductor with the passion and conviction of a born missionary.
He serves his music up to his audience con spirito and presto energico."
De Volkskrant, The Netherlands
Full of Noblesse
"Murphy's soundscape is refreshingly lively, transparent and full of noblesse, successfully communicating full emotional range and capturing the finesses of the musical style beautifully."
Concerto, Germany
"Murphy's music making is full of imagination, great love and unstoppable drive"
NRC Handelsblad, The Netherlands
A Conductor to Watch For
"gorgeous, finely balanced and well-placed performances ...
Simon Murphy is clearly a conductor to watch for."
American Record Guide, U.S.
Hottest Property
"The hottest property on the European baroque scene, Simon Murphy, puts flesh on the cobwebbed skeletons of Haydn's predecessors and drags musicology into the hypercritical glare of the contemporary concert platform with full-blooded glorious mellifluous playing replete with swashbuckling dynamic contrasts, piquant continuo parts and soaring Mannheim rockets"
The Australian
Best of Both Worlds
"When it came to his orchestral music, size mattered for Corelli …

These accounts by The New Dutch Academy, a big band playing on period instruments, refelct the best of both worlds. ... director Simon Murphy infuses these accounts with subtle jazz-like touches: swinging rhythms, inventive extemporisations and vigorous guitar strumming effects. The sound is sumptuous, but textures are sufficiently transparent to allow details to cut through, and the historically informed approach includes stylish ornamentation and a battery of continuo instruments which would surely have delighted the composer."
BBC Music Magazine, U.K.
"Effervescent Bach! ... Guest conductor Simon Murphy doesn't only present the Baroque in a lively and captivating manner – he paces the musical development beautifully, letting the music breathe and rest along the way, whereby the listener's ears remain fresh and alert until the final chord. Under his leadership, the Noord Nederlands Orkest's Bach cantatas sparkled."
Dagblad van het Noorden, The Netherlands
"Breathtaking. Compelling, technically brilliant and unusually effervescent!
Murphy has it all - verve and pulsating temperament - presented with the finest finesse. A sensational interpretation!"
Concerto, Germany
"Conductor Simon Murphy distinguishes himself through highly interesting programme concepts and unbridled musical drive. ... He creates a dynamic, propulsive and captivating musical experience - music making which surges forward and sweeps you away with it, like a river with a powerful, never ending current - flowing and swinging."
Delftsche Courant, The Netherlands
Daring and Full of Character
"Daring and full of character, Murphy brings the melodic figures and rhetorical effects in Mannheim symphonies to life with a fantastic flair – energising performances of this music"
Haagsche Courant, The Netherlands
"Sumptuous, vibrant, energetic and wonderfully secure playing"
Gramophone, U.K.
“Verve and vitality, a fine soundscape and beautiful melodic presentation”
General-Anzeiger, Bonn, Germany
Vibrant and Energising
"As one has grown to expect from Simon Murphy, one hears inspiring, energising and vibrant interpretations here. Presenting world premiere recordings of rediscovered Dutch 18th century symphonies, this is an impressive production. Through his previous CD releases, Murphy had already shown that there are still many undiscovered musical treasures to be found in the Netherlands. We look forward to hearing more!"
Toccata - Alte Musik Aktuell, Germany
“Murphy exhibits liveliness and groove, great dynamic profile and a beautiful use of timbre”
Frankfurter Neue Presse, Germany
Swinging and Persuasive
"Swinging and persuasive ... Murphy makes the music of the Mannheim masters come alive. Finally the Mannheimers sound like they should – the of joy the new, the excitement of the sense of discovery, the euphoric rush of a Mannheim skyrocket!"
Het Parool, The Netherlands