Joseph Schmitt "The Hurdy Gurdy - Prestissimo" The New Dutch Academy
19 May 2012
Conductor Simon Murphy and The Hague's Baroque Orchestra, The New Dutch Academy, perform the concert programme "Dutch Crown Jewels" in De Bijloke, Gent. On the progamme: Mozart's Symphony no. 5 "The Hague", Zappa's "Cello Symphony" in B flat featuring cello soloist Caroline Kang, Schmitt's Symphony in E flat "The Hurdy Gurdy" ("De Draailier") and other works by Stamitz and Graaf The NDA's world premiere recording of the Netherland's 18th century symphonic heritage -- including symphonies from the Court of Orange by Zappa, Graaf, Schwindl and Carl Stamitz -- is available internationally on PentaTone Classics Streaming broadcasts of selected NDA live concert performances are available through the NDA's webradio The Orchestra (on authentic instruments): Violin Stephen Freeman (Concertmaster), Erin Chen, Sara DeCorso, Emily Thompson, Kayo Saito